St. Petersburg university of technology (better university of science and engineering)

2018-03-25 14:42

St. Petersburg state royal polytechnic university (professional, cost-effective, English for graduate students)

1. Russian university of science, engineering and economics

2. Strong specialty and high salary employment prospect

3. There are exchange students in tsinghua university

4. International education college, education center for preparatory courses of excellent universities throughout Russia

Introduction to university

Opposite tsinghua university, a competitive university of science and engineering

St. Petersburg state university of technology, also known as the kalinin institute of technology, or processing for short. The university of science and technology is the top university in the Russian technical university. It is a comprehensive university with a long history of science and engineering in Russia. The university has always been an important training base and research project research base for Russian scientific research talents. St. Petersburg state university of technology is a world-renowned university. Its major in computer science is comparable to that of Massachusetts institute of technology. Has been with dozens of countries in the world nearly a century the famous university has established the equal relations of cooperation, including with the United States at the Massachusetts institute of technology, the Texas state university, California state university, tsinghua university, university of Hamburg in Germany and China. The university has maintained close exchanges and cooperation with China's tsinghua university for a long time. The two universities exchange students every year. This college for training a lot of science and technology experts and talents in our country, they returned home after graduation also served as the Chinese academy of sciences and academy of engineering, university presidents, research institutes of management and technology leadership, the leadership of the large enterprise, made great contribution for our country's construction, tsinghua university President had to study in the school. Its diploma is recognized by all countries in the world.

Good preparatory teaching environment high graduation rate

International education institute is one of Russia's federal ministry of education of 32 admit international preparatory center, the 32 international preparatory center is for people who do not have Russian language, hope in the Russian university college preparatory education, foreign students and college have independent and complete specifically for foreign students how to learn in a year of teaching outline, the hospital training out of the thousands of international students from more than 90 countries, and then these students at the university of technology study of different professional, or other university in the center of the international preparatory graduate preparatory students generally higher than the other college preparatory students Russian level.

Faculty with a reputation for professionalism

The university of science and technology was founded by renowned russians like dmitri mendeleev, former finance minister and minister of science and technology. The university has 82 Russian academicians and academicians of the Russian academy of science and engineering, more than 680 professors, more than 1,500 associate professors, more than 22,000 students, more than 1,900 foreign students and about 700 doctoral students.

2. Advantages of famous schools

1, st Petersburg state polytechnic university is a long history of science and engineering, economic comprehensive university, established equal cooperation relations with many world famous colleges and universities, is in line with tsinghua university colleges and universities. Many of our leaders have made great contributions to the country's construction after their graduation from the university and return to China.

2, st Petersburg state polytechnic university is one of the preparatory good colleges and universities, college of international education is a study in the integration of comprehensive buildings, teaching buildings and dormitories, only need 5 minutes walk between indoor complete supporting facilities, including classrooms, language lab, laboratory, library, student dormitory, dining room, laundry room, computer center, sports center, gym and provides a number of paid services, these facilitate the students' study and life, which in a year of preparatory learning tension, for students to save up a lot of learning time, provides the students' learning efficiency greatly.

3, st Petersburg in the national university of science and technology is Russia university teachers strength and relatively low cost of colleges and universities, is suitable for dry class family, spend low cost brand school's dream. Its science and technology, once ranked fourth in the world, is a world renowned university and a reserve base for IT talents. Many good graduates work for big companies like Microsoft and IBM. In recent years, the university has developed to a comprehensive university, and its major in economic management has also been greatly developed. The economic department of saint technology is the first organization in Russia to launch education in the professional economic field. University computer English teaching programs are very suitable for undergraduate computer graduates with good English. There are often domestic enterprises or large Chinese enterprises in Russia to hold talent recruitment meetings in schools, and there are many employment channels and opportunities.

4. Good accommodation environment, complete facilities and strict management. It is convenient to live around the dormitory. There are large comprehensive supermarkets and shopping malls nearby. The school is located at the junction of subway station and bus station. There is a medical room in the teaching building.

Establish departments and majors

School of mathematics and mechanics: mathematical modeling, systems programming, mathematics and information support media organizations for economic activities, mechanics and mathematical modeling

School of computer and information science: informatics and computer science, information systems and databases

3, institute of physics and astronomy: the mathematical and experimental model of continuum mechanics, nuclear and elementary particles, biological physics, condensed matter physics, plasma physics, space physics, solid physics

4, construction equipment and technology college: urban construction and management, water conservancy construction, architectural design, the unique buildings and structures of industrial and civil buildings, in the complicated hydrogeological condition, industrial and civil construction, renewable energy infrastructure

5, institute of computer science and engineering, computer, complex systems and networks, software engineering, software, computer technology and automation systems, embedded systems, information systems and technology management, economics, the application of bioinformatics, the application in the field of intelligence information, software engineering (technology) the development and maintenance of high quality software

6, electronics, radio and communications systems college: the spread of radio technology, receiving and signal processing, electronic systems, wireless devices and systems, mobile communication system, physical and optical communication technology, optical communication systems and networks, secure communication system and network, information and communication technology and communication system (normal profile), physical electronics, nanotechnology in electronic, integrated electronics and nano electronics, microelectronics and solid-state electronics

School of systems and technology of optics and biotechnology: instrumentation (equipment and technology for information and measurement)

8. School of electrical and thermal engineering: Thermal engineering and thermal engineering experts (industrial power supply, power plant), motivation and electrical engineering (electric power systems and networks, power stations, relay protection of power system and automation, mechatronics, electrical insulation, cable and capacitor technology, electrical and electronic equipment, power supply, electric power technology equipment and systems, electrical equipment, enterprises, organizations and institutions of the electrical equipment, electrical drive and automation, transmission and distribution of electric power and the development of power system, generator), dynamic mechanical (boiler, combustion chamber and nuclear steam generator, gas turbine, steam turbine engine and electric motor, internal combustion engine, hydraulic press, Hydraulic and hydraulic pneumatic automatic devices, compressors and refrigeration machines and equipment, turbines and automation)

School of nuclear and nuclear technology: nuclear power plants and equipment

10, institute of mechanical industry, machinery and metal forming technology, electrical and electrochemical technology in mechanical engineering, equipment and technology, in order to improve the durability of the machine and equipment parts and recovery, virtual prototype technology in mechanical engineering, engineering quality and innovation, foundry machinery and technology, the technology of mechanical equipment (vacuum compressor equipment and physical facilities, printing machines and automation system), applied mechanics, computational mechanics and computer engineering, materials and structure element experimental mechanics), technology and production automation, design and technology of software engineering, engineering technology, automotive technology)

11, physics and engineering institute of science and technology, thermal physics, physical and electronic radio, physical optics and quantum electronics, biomedical technology and system of physics, physics, electronics, medicine, physics and biology engineering, condensed matter physics, telecommunications optoelectronic devices

12, technical safety and environmental engineering at: technical security (emergency protection, technology process and production safety, safety measures, fire safety engineering technology), environmental engineering and water resources utilization (environmental engineering)

13 institute of technology, materials: material science and material technology, material science and technology, solid-state electronics, materials science and nano materials and nano systems technology, laser material processing technology, metallurgy, metal forming, non-ferrous metallurgy, ferrous and non-ferrous metal casting, metal smelting and heat treatment, welding production of metallurgy, non-ferrous metallurgy, art, jewelry, and precision casting, modeling and casting process engineering)

14. College of technology and land transportation technology: land transportation and technology combination (technology of automobile and automobile repair, lifting, construction, road machinery and equipment, transportation and logistics processes)

15, institute of management and technology system, quality management, system analysis and management, system management, system and automation control technology, the motion control system, intelligent information processing and management), innovation, management innovation (sector)

School of economics and management

Economy profession: enterprises and organizations (engineering), international finance, labor economics, finance and credit, accounting and auditing, the world economy (enterprise) foreign economic activity, regional economy, the relationship between the currency, the world economy and international relations, international trade policy, economic, enterprises and organizations (oil and gas sectors), the financial company

Management profession: the production management (engineering), the management of the new technology, production management (construction), production management, real estate transactions), production management (energy), human resource management, strategic management, marketing, international logistics, international management of multinational companies, international tourism management, governance and regulation small business management, international management, multinational company human resource management, international business (English teaching), state and municipal management, organizing national and municipal tourism, business information management, enterprise architecture)

17. Law school: theory and history of state and law, civil law and innovation and industrial expertise in the field of energy, criminal law and natural resources judicial proceedings, international law

18. School of political science and regional studies: European studies (northern Europe, Spain, Germany, Russia, UK), Asian studies (China)

19, the media and school of information and library science: advertising and public relations, advertising and social relations, advertising, public relations in the national and municipal administration, advertising in the international cooperation), publishing (book)

Science schools of education and education: psychology, pedagogy

College of linguistics and liberal arts: linguistics (theories and methods of foreign language teaching culture), translation

College of fine arts and applied arts: industrial design, graphic design, information design, environmental design.

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