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2018-03-25 14:39

Russia is one of the top comprehensive universities in the world, Europe is the top five and the world is the top ten

High salary job prospects

Students of one of the world's largest and most famous institutions of higher learning have many opportunities to contact with the world.

I. introduction to the school

Moscow state university was founded on January 25, 1755, at the command of Russian queen Catherine ii. The university was named after her founder, romanosov, a great Russian mathematician, physicist, linguist and philosopher.

Moscow state university of lomonosov (Moscow state university, or Moscow state university for short) is Russia's larger educational, scientific and cultural center. The old schoolhouse is near red square in central Moscow, and the new one is on Lenin hill. The university is the Russian empress Catherine ii of command, to her - the founders of the great Russian mathematician and physicist, linguists, philosophers, nuosuofu's name. Has been 280 years of history, the university ranked eighth in the world in 1998, but not larger universities and academic centers across Russia, is also one of the big and famous universities in the world. In the Russian federation has a special status, it was Russia's university autonomy, independence in the proceedings of the national education bureau of Europe's universities and colleges education quality evaluation, Moscow state university are leading the way; Europe ranks in the top five, ranking as a top school.

Moscow midea campus complete teaching facilities

Moscow state university campus is one of the Moscow city beautiful area, covers an area of about four thousand mu, the campus environment elegant, Lenin mountain is located in the southwest of Moscow, stands on the Moscow river, the scenery pleasant, is the city's biggest tourist attractions. The main site of the Moscow Olympic Games in 1998 is located here. The campus is surrounded by subway stations and stations. A bird 's-eye view of Moscow from here. Campus facilities to the building as the center, around each department of the building and scientific research centers, hospitals, stadiums, college square, station, etc., is a city within a city, with six museum (museum museum of natural geography, anthropology, animal fu pavilion, precious books museum), 6 astronomical observatory, and arboretum and many research institutes. And cultural center, college students theatres, cinemas, lecture hall, library, laboratory, science park, conference hall, the post office, all kinds of sports facilities, and stores, etc. All the facilities for students to rest. Each department has its own library and has dedicated Internet access. Students can use it for free to check information, study and entertainment.

The world's best universities are unparalleled

Moscow state university is a large scientific center in Russia. It is famous for its mathematicians, physicists, biologists, geologists, chemists and other scientific achievements. Achievements in the humanities, historical studies and Russian culture have also been an important source of pride for Moscow university. These achievements are the fruitful results of the historic tradition established scientifically by the renowned scholar and founder of Moscow university, romanosov. So far, Moscow university has eight Nobel Prize winners. Many of Russia's top government officials and experts in high-tech fields graduated from the university. Moscow state university and all the big international organization, the United Nations organization, the world bank and other organizations signed agreement, is one of the members of the international association, with most of the mainland and all countries in the world of the university has more than 190 agreement, school worked closely with the world quality colleges and universities, communication widely.

World-renowned achievements in high quality teaching and high level of academic reputation

Scientists at Moscow university have made remarkable achievements in mathematics, physics, biology, geology, chemistry and other scientific fields. These achievements are closely linked to the historical tradition of Moscow university in science. Moscow university's world-renowned schools of science and modern teaching methods, which are in line with international teaching standards, ensure the high quality of Moscow university's teaching. It is famous all over the world for its abundant teachers, perfect equipment, high quality teaching and high level of learning.

Moscow university has 26 departments, 18 teaching and academic centers, 11 scientific research institutes and 66 higher vocational education majors and 180 graduate programs.

Today, there are 6,600 professors and teachers and 6,800 researchers working at Moscow university, of whom 8,800 have doctorates and 168 are members of the Russian academy of sciences.

Moscow university is home to 60,000 university students, graduate students and other students, including more than 2,800 foreign students from more than 100 countries around the world.

Muscovite university library is one of Russia's ancient library, is also a very large library in colleges and universities, was built in 1886, a total of 8800000 books, library point comes with a total of 16, 40 reading room, 4600 seats. The collection of books is for the use of teaching and research institutions of Moscow university.

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