Pre-Major (International Foundation Program)
The Pre-major (International Foundation Program) is designed to prepare international students to operate in a college/university setting by familiarizing them with the equirements needed to succeed as an diploma/undergraduate student. The program is suited for those who do not meet the minimum requirements for direct entry into diploma/undergraduate programs; in addition, this program can also help student who have taken 2 years in language program to continue getting student visa before major. All courses are conducted in Chinese or English. Students are accepted to undergraduate degree programs if they successfully complete and pass the program. It can be taken for at most 2 years.
VIsa Extention
This program can extend student visa for those who had finished more than 2 years language training course. Transfer student accepts
Fast & Easy Admission
We are good at sloving difficulties in applicaiton like transfer letter, attendance or contacting school professioners
Best Price Guarantee
We are holding the lowest price for Chinese language program in Guangzhou! Start from RMB6200/semester
City Center Campus
All of our campus are with advanced and covenient traffics, the accomadation are also with best condition in the city RMB300/month
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